Winter Show and Sale on Saturday – November 25, 2017 from 10:00am-5:00pm

We hope you can join us to snack, shop and visit!  Jodi will have delicious Chai products to sample, Candice and I have some unique jewellery and Helen has a small sampling of her beautiful Raku pottery.


“Ablaze” in Vancouver at Terminal City Glass Co-op

I attended a four day multi-instructor class at the Terminal City Glass Co-op.  Fabulous studio and a well organized event.

Four days of 9-9 instruction, bead demo and torch time as well as ancillary classes in the evening.

Our Four Fantastic Instructors. Alexx Cheng, Corina Tettinger, Janice Peacock and Margaret Zinser

Corina Tettinger – Stringer Control demo

Corina’s Lilly beads

Margaret Zinser – Painted enamel bead demo

Margaret’s enamel Butterflies

Janice Peacock – Vessel bead demo

Alexx Cheng – Dichro Bead demo

Each instructor had their own signature beads and openly shared their techniques and expertise.

Group Photo from Ablaze – such a fun and welcoming group!

Mike Frantz generously gifted all the students with a fresh glass stash. Thanks Mike!

A huge thank you to the organizers and sponsors, Ablaze was a success and I hope to attend next year!


Winter Art Show And Sale – Dec 3rd, 2016

Helen, Barbara and I hope you will join us for some festive cheer!

One Day Show and Sale

One Day Show and Sale

Silver Chemistry Class

On November 22, 2016 I had the opportunity to take a class from Holly Cooper – visiting artist from Austin, Texas.  Her beads are painstakingly detailed and absolutely stunning!  She shared several of her self-discovered methods with us and we spent the day playing at the torch.


Holly Cooper's Class demo beads

Holly Cooper’s class demo beads



Amazing fine detailed stringer work!

Winter Art Show and Sale November 27th & 28th, 2015!

Helen and I hope you can come and join us!

Invite 2015

Triple wrap leather bracelet

Triple wrap leather bracelet


Hammered Silver Hollow Bead Ring

Modern silver bead earrings

Modern silver bead earrings


Wave Beads

This new series of “Wave beads”, inspired by Hokusai’s wave prints.  I revisited notes from a class I took six (6) years ago and began experimenting with new glass colors recently released.  I’m really pleased with the results and will continue to play!

Wave pendant

Wave pendant

Hokusai's Wave Print

Hokusai’s Wave Print

Wave beads

Wave beads

Periwinkle wave pendant

Periwinkle wave pendant


Class at Bedrock with Claudia Trimbur-Pagel

In October I was one of ten lucky students to take a class at Bedrock with Claudia Trimbur-Pagel from France.  She is an amazingly talented artist and a fabulous instructor.  She showed us every stage of the bead processes she uses and walked around giving each student personal time, attention and helpful tips.   Her graphic designs and detailed stringer work, were definitely something to aspire too! A special thanks to Kathy at Bedrock for making all the arrangements that allowed us this opportunity.

Claudia's bead demo

Claudia’s bead demo

Trout Bead

I had fun blowing shards for the Sandpiper Bead

I had fun blowing shards for the Sandpiper Bead

Sandpiper Bead

Sandpiper Bead

Sand Piper Demo

Claudia's Face Bead - love the detailed eyes and hair!

Claudia’s Face Bead – love the detailed eyes and hair!

Claudia's Beautiful Window Fish Bead

Claudia’s Beautiful Window Fish Bead

Winter Art Show and Sale – November 28th-29th, 2014

Helen and I are finishing up the final details for our Winter Art Show and Sale.  Please email me if you are interested in more info!

Some of my new favorites……..

Gravity Bead Pendants

Gravity Bead Pendants


Silver glass pleated marble pendants


etched disc beads


Silver glass disc earrings


Hollow bead pendants


Artwalk, June 21, 2014

I attended the Red Deer Artwalk Festival on June 21st in Rotary Park East.  It started out rainy and a bit windy, luckily the sun came out late morning making for a perfect day to be outside.  The Artwalk committee had everything organized to a “T”, and we enjoyed a fabulous day of art and live music. 

Artwalk T-Shirts

Artwalk T-Shirts

Setting up and getting ready for the Artwalk!

Setting up and getting ready for the Artwalk!

Charmed Beads Booth

Charmed Beads Booth

Artwalk Shoppers

Artwalk Shoppers

Taking a closer look!

Taking a closer look!

ArtWalk June 2014 004

A variety of art booths, everything from paintings, ceramics, handmade journals, photography and handcrafted accessories.

Bead Demo/Class – June 8, 2014

On Sunday, June 8th I hosted a  Dress Club group in our backyard.  It was a beautiful sunny day, allowing us to make beads outside.  A super fun group of ladies and they did a fantastic job making BHB’s (Big Hole Beads) for their pandora bracelets.  

Bead Demo - love being outside!

Bead Demo – love being outside!

Bead Class June 2014 098

Stacey making her first bead!

Bead Class June 2014 116

Group Photo

Bead Class June 2014 121

The Ladies finished beads!